entry from phone

Forgot what quiet sounded like.
Leaves flurrying past back grass.

These photos, saved on my phone, like memory supplements. There’s more than a couple novels in there, especially it’s accepted that a pictures equivalent to a thousand words. Or 1k, as I always write. There’re stills from when I was at the box, from when Jack was first born, when I was at AV Winery, now at Sonoma Valley Winery. Have to keep taking pictures, to push this writing into other puddles, hopefully ones profitable. I’m not looking to be a professional camera clicker, I just find photography fun. And I don’t need some weighty, expensive piece of equipment. That’s where I have gripes with photography as an Artform, when it becomes more about who has the fancier device than what was captured, the angle, natural coloring, image positioning..

Later, have to get out, drive up the road, into Bennett Valley’s AVA heart, and snap everything I see. Taking both cams, and this phone. And the little pages, in case an idea drops.