1 ounce entry

Find mySelf battling technology again, trying to upload a video I shot on Sunday at Kaz.  Should be hanging out with Jack, to my right, listening to his reactions to my Wine Bar beats.  Tonight’s Wine, an exclusive Blend from a Sonoma County winery.  That’s all I’m going to say.  Enumerating the categorical situation of vintage, varietal, AVA, producer and all else considered “relevant,” holds nothing in tonight’s sips, analysis.  Actually, no “analysis.” Only appreciation for what comes from my side of the mountain.  So, the video finally uploaded.  Time for another beer, and to let this pervading Red wake, prepare itSelf for a palate take.

This blend, telling me to stop typing.  Just listen to playing tracks.

10:09pm.  Rain, upset with my progress.  Feel like a thunder growl only sits seconds from my seat, sitting.  Uploaded video to blog by way of Youtube.  And, I guess I don’t have to pay for that upgrade, as all I had to do was cut & paste a link.  Sounding more like a social media twit than an artist…  But anyway, saving money, less overhead.  I’m happy.  Speaking of “overhead,” I bought some pens this morning, before getting the morning mocha.  Only $1.09 out the door, for, I think, a dozen.  Wait…  No, eight.  This blend, so smooth, seductive.  Kelly, bottled.  That’s truthfully of whom this character reminds me.  Rain, on pause.  But my thoughts’ stream, everywhere.  Need the other blog to launch, like Instagram, make me some bloody revenue.  But more crucially, bring me Autonomy.  An office.  A schedule and whole Life of mine own.  That’s wine.  And more importantly, Writing, Art.  [4/10/12]