Journal — 3/16/12, Saturday

A day of wine journalism ahead of me, with this new “storm,” landing in SoCo’s borders.  My day’s destination, St. Francis Winery.  At about 5pm, or a couple minutes prior, I’l be packing up for the Fountaingrove Inn, where I’ll be conducting my first offsite pouring for SFW.  Not sure which bottles are scheduled to be poured, but it really doesn’t hold that much impact, this case’s unknowns, as I’m more than familiar with everything they produce.  That, and their wines truly sell themselves.  The House of Big Reds, as its called, has a following so loyal, and a reputation so entrenched in the wine world and industry, that I’ll literally just be pouring.  And if I do talk, it’ll be nothing more than expected introductions, basic fundamentals on the wines.

Yesterday, hosted another tour at Lancaster, then to WineBizRadio for my appearance.  Always fun, and quite informative, spending time with those gentlemen.  One note still in my head from yesterday: the two verticals I poured on the tour.  Well, mini-verts.  ’07 and ’08 for both Cuvée and Estate Cabernet.  With the Cuvée, I prefer the ’07, with its 15% Merlot content, whereas with the Estate Cab I turn head to ’08, with its darker characteristics and endless echo of a finish.  So, this made me think about vintage variation, and how consumers (myself very much included) will speak in convenient generalities when it comes certain years, and then specific varietals in those years.  2007 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, evidenced.  There’s no Napa Cab from ’07 that’s anything less than biblical, right?  No.  Each bottle, yesterday’s tasting reinforced, is its own presence.  Then, you have the discriminating palate, which we all have, atop that.  So, it’s entirely irrational for one to say they’ll always take one year over another in all circumstances.  The group for which I yesterday poured, pretty much split down the middle, when it came to which Cuvée and Cab were their preferred’s.

Can still taste those wines Christophe brought last night, to the show.  Something from Argentina with an encouraging nose but a decrepit palate presence, then an ’05 white, I think a Sémillon.  The latter bottle, like dusty formaldehyde.  Too old.  And I do remember a little discoloration.  He brought it in simply for educational purposes, and a bit of targeted humor, but it was an experience, all same.  Now, I’m cuing my equipment, charing my devices for the rainy day of wine pouring and blogging, JOURNALISM, ahead.  Wrote some article topics into the Comp Book yesterday at work.  Need to put them on a list as not be removed from sight, especially mind.  Each idea forgotten or wasted, is just that.  Which means, no pay.  Back to prep…  (8:50am)