Fully present and ready for day.  Meeting in 5 minutes….  Notes on everything in this new tech Road.

Nurse leaving this morning and me feeling sad but not letting it reverberate too long.  For her, the kids…. I need top be a different Human or more of what I already am.  Can’t decide.  This could just be more overthought from me.

Budgeting to do… tonight.  Planning on being up for a while after getting home from visiting kids.

Goal is to work until 01:30.  See if I can do it.  No.. no seeing.  I’m doing it.

Making a list of everything I’m doing today… not here, but in journal.  Working with 3 journals now.  Keep forgetting the regular one at home…

Meeting going.  Listening, notes for blog and photography, tech…. Shit, should have stayed a little later yesterday.  Lunch run early… more pictures, from the morning and years ago… the one of Henry yesterday morning after his bath.

Meeting over and I’m back and forth with about five different theaters.

Booked hotel room, rescheduled car appointment.  Ironically, have to be in SF tomorrow for a site walk.  Have to laugh a littler right?

Stories everywhere, singing.