Thinking I might not run after work.  I don’t know, just not feeling it.  My mind could change, but I doubt it will.

Have to clean the loft, the third floor, start laundry, got to Oliver’s AGAIN.  Make a story over it… okay.  Just go to store then remain in the loft.  That’s my plan… pack for tomorrow.  This is boring, you know that?

Switching… look for new wines, and just buy a couple.  Like that saying, “‘Cause no good story started with eating a salad…” Or whatever.  Same with thinking about what you have to do or should do and fucking obsessing over it.

Taught myself something in this realization, this go ‘round.

Went for a walk to the Staples next door, a bit ago.  Saw this cute little Self-Care book full of quotes and advices and decided to get it, what the hell.  Then see this beautiful leather-ish journal.  Reminded myself that I promised I wouldn’t buy anymore journals for a long, long time, if ever.  But, it looked good, was calling me, so now it’s right here next to the laptop.