this morning

Yesterday sailed by.

09:43 and in office.  Had another call with …  A new story …  It’s out of my hands, and I’ve done all I can.

Commute wasn’t too bad this morning, rose and left earlier than usual.  Got a Starbucks but that wasn’t enough.  Sipping a coffee made here from the break room machine.  That break room is …  Try not to go in there too much.

Nurse coming over later, cannot wait to see her.  She’s changed me, as a human and farther and writing, thinker, career orientation, having standards and doing something for YOURSELF.  She’s off today, doing some things in her home office, sending me cute pictures of her cat Figgy.

09:46… playing with possibilities, imagination, inner-drawing board, scenes playing out.. characters and dialogue.  The entirety. 

11:21 Still nothing.  Sent several emails, working on a quote revision, and all I can think about is the Nurse and the other night at her house sipping Old Fashioned’s and listening to multiple music types.  Am I really starting to like County?  I remember thinking.  Yeah, I think I am.