My littlest, 3 today.  Don’t get to see him as at first I thought I’d be in the city but that didn’t happen, turning around in Marin from the fucking tooth pain.  Root canal scheduled for tomorrow at 15:50.  Glee.

Tried FaceTiming to talk to little Hen, no—  Then I get a call.  Wow, he looks different.  It’s THREE.  Can’t imagine him so grown, and I want to say old.

Tooth hurting but not as much as earlier.  I swear, I haven’t felt pain like that since the days of you know what when I was 16.  Not getting into it, but certain characters privy.

Nurse on her last day of vacation, sending me sweet texts and offering even to Door Dash me Thai food.  Said I was fine with soup, which I was… two types, a clam chowder remix of some kind then creamy chicken noodle.  More than enough.

Last medicine take was at I want to say 4, just one Tylenol then of course the two Ibuprofen earlier that didn’t do shit.