Monday.  And I’m hungry.  Waking wanting EVERYTHING.

Meeting this morning, dentist toward EOD.  Real Estate and tech… all that I’m touching, speaking.  Prospect telling me that they’re meeting this week to discuss then there’ll be movement.

Training mind to act and move differently.  With everything.  Doing laundry to relationships, how I listen to music and even drinking coffee.  Catching myself overthinking and ordering STOP.

How to make this prop tech thing really come alive…. Start one conversation today, one that changes the momentum of it all… use writing more.  Emails and messages.  Do it differently than the others, I tell myself.

Found a CRE event to attend, tomorrow.  Still have to submit expenses from other events, for company CC.  Why haven’t I done that yet?

And why am I still thinking about my dentist appt later?  Like, anxiety-level thinking.  Just put your head down and do it, Mike.  Stop thinking about it.  See it as a writing prompt…

Larry, the dentist, great guy.  Always good conversation, and his wine knowledge is at a level where even I watch what I say.

08:42 = laundry still going.  Much more awake after coffee.. ready for meeting with—