Haven’t hit 1001 words in a few days I don’t think.  Latte and starting day.  How methodical Jack, my oldest if you remember, was this morning with getting everything out the door, making sure everyone’s lunches were ready, and just making sure as he knew I made them last night but just had to add a couple snacks for his little brother.

Took them to school, all on time.  Henry wanting a hug from me, I wanted to take a picture of him and how cute he looked but he before I could estimate his adorable way and face his brow and cheeks turned to sad shape and I backed off.  Nearly getting emotional myself.

Now house is quiet, which I fucking hate.  But then this morning there were a couple seconds where I couldn’t wait to have just a small spoonful of mute.

Contradiction expected.  Message from the Nurse and I smile, remember I have to check the mail.  Do so and only three envelopes, nothing important or crucial.


09:29…..  This peace I feel, right now, have to replicate it.  Reproduce.  Or, just keep this peace living.  No concerns, worry, anxiety nil.