.689 avg.  Thought it was much lower.  Not sure why I’m doing this, doing it to myself.  Keep a writer accountable.  Maybe that’s it.

Leaving at 16:00 or a bit before.  Day planned.  Everything kept simple.  But again I complicate things with photog thoughts.  How often do I take pictures other than with the phone, my new phone which takes impressive shots, actually.  If I budgeted $600 for a cam, that’s with associated equip and a 2-year warrantee let’s say… what could I do?  Start another business, of some kind.  OR, just invest in the me, for the kids.. put more money aside for them.

No way I could take a nap now.  Yes, was thinking about it earlier after waking up earlier with Jack unable to sleep.  Too connected to projects, too into the story.  THIS story…. Starting a couple Roads again, starting over, back at drawing board.  Going above known and expected consistencies.