Henry falls back into another nap.  I tend to MAP, and a couple other projects, message the Nurse.  More than focused.  The peace in this condo is unusual.  I’m gifted time to centralize, plan, move certain energies and possibilities into more momentum.

The peace is educating, more gratitude for this house and town, where the story is going. My fearlessness and hunger for more.  Decided something, then another something, all positive and beneficial.  Interesting how you remember past conversations and moments when things happen.

Henry still in his newest nap.  Have to think about ordering dinner soon.  Kids want to use their “Daddy Ticket” for dinner tonight.  Think it’s Lupe’s, Jack saying earlier he wants to split that quesadilla with me, and Emma of course the kids burrito, and then Henry humorously with the chicken nuggets.

How can I not celebrate and be in love with my life, all of it.  Even the negative waves that hit my sands from time to time.  More poetry, what I’m choosing to see in all tables and random acts, pieces of paper, these receipts, the hats Taryn gave me and the Nurse the other day…

Placed appropriately, by ME.