Out door early for baseball, Emma soccer practice after.  Lunch from Oliver’s, laundry and cleaning now at loft, kids relaxing playing and Henry with his toys having intricate conversations at times animated, then seemingly contemplative, or divisive.  Interesting, never seen him play with this much detail.

Jack at his game this morning, so into his positions and at-bats.  Walking twice, which didn’t make him happy I could tell when talking to him after the game, but his attention to the game, how well he and his team did I could tell grabbed his attention.

15:01.  Already.  Again, time flying past me like anything that flies fast with no concern for anything around it.  Bird of prey but with less grace.  Noticing something in character earlier.  Changing, rewriting, redrawing my own thinking and perception, how I react.  Now reading less.  The old “less is better” statement my winery owner friend made years ago over a glass of Pinot.

Receipts and Stories idea, reading and reminding me with this short stack here at my Nook desk.  Oliver’s, Starbucks this morning for me, Emma, Henry after Emma told me at Mark West how hungry she was.