SB and Merlot tonight.  Ideas on wine, waking early, working out and driving to SF

Had AC on yesterday and tonight heat to 70.  Cold when I got home.  Light rain on drive to SF and on way back in both Marin and Sonoma counties.  The peace was there, I was there, the awareness and appreciation was unavoidable.

Watching the Giants game, thinking of my son and he singularly, and his team but I give him immediate and more held credit, gave me new love for baseball.  Giants down 2-4, in Houston.  Can’t see the inning.


Collecting Pauses

Step in a new

Purview, assessing a self

Ideas from well

Weather changing in tandem

A drafted anthem


Thinking free and poetic tonight, total Beatific consideration and elevated mood being home and not in that fucking office.  Some would say watch it, but if I’m a true writer I should do anything like that.  Not looking for agreement, not looking to appease any devil in their shiny tower, regardless of city.

Another glass of the SB, in that mood.  Then stopping with writing, enjoying night.. one post, promising self, then relaxing the rest of the night.