Emma comes downstairs and asks if she can have breakfast.  I have to laugh a little, like I’m going to say no?  I say of course but it’ll cost her.  She pretends to pull out money and hand it to me, but I wave it away and say it’ll cost a big hug.

“Can you shave today?” She says.

“Why?  You won’t kiss me?  You want to kiss Dada?”

“Yeahhhh.  But first you have to shave.”

She always turns around a mood or anxiety cyclone before the work week.  This morning another reminder of her powers.

One more double espresso.  Over 1001 words for yesterday.  1200 exactly.  No aim today other than to be in a mode of noting everything – Henry and his Spiderman cartoon, Emma and her waffles and orange juice, and Jack of course with that game.

Me… what about this character.  What he wants, what he’s doing to get there.  A line per day in addition to the entries.  Keeping EVERYTHING simple.  No added anything.

Still in kitchen, Emma, Henry, and me.  Laundry, started this morning… check on it.  How exciting.