Jack home sick.  Missed a meeting, now watching the recording.

Fasting till 12:01 or later.  Starving, and my mood greatly affected.  In no mood to prospect, so I just watch the recording.  Or don’t actually because I’m writing this sentence.

No rain today I guess, even though the news last night said it’d be a “Level 2 storm”.  Well, no.

The recording and this guy’s voice is bugging me.  Jealous of his passion for the product he’s informing us about, pure jealousy.  What happened to my fire?


Making this my own… not going to go on about it, but here I am.  Jack and me at home and everything is where it should be.

Covid negative.  His school requires a negative test I guess before return.  So, check that box.

Need more of a writing routine… doing now.  Thinking about tomorrow and my writing time, spending the entire day inside, except for my run which I will do no matter how hard it pours.