I’m spinning in my thoughts and inner-images, the vineyard and the drive to St. Helena on Sunday.. notes on phone like I always do once in the tasting room, walking to Erosion for lunch, stepping outside every so often for air… talking with Kerri’s brother about one thing or another.  

It’s funny when days start off hectic, then mellow out in a way that makes you realize how foolish you are.  And I mean that.  Like, truly funny.  Just caught myself laughing.  At ME.

Kerri calls to say hi, had me on speaker as she made her charcuterie boards for the day, told me she has four boards this weekend for a wedding, the equivalent of a grazing table.  She unintentionally reminds me of my interest in small business.  My obsession really… how to turn this and any blog into a BUSINESS.  My only project for tomorrow, my lock-in.  Not writing a big aims cascade like I normally do.  I either do it, or don’t.

Actually, I’ll do the reverse.  Meaning, write down what I’ve done, created, not what I’m to do or produce.