Jack asks me if I have any Gatorade here.  Tell him I don’t but on my lunch break I’ll go get some for him.  He asks to come with me on the quick outing to the little story one block away that I often walk to.  I tell him no problem.

Such a sweet kid, little Kerouac.  I can tell he’s not feeling well.  I offer to do whatever he needs to feel better.  When your kids are sick, even if it’s nothing serious… just does something to you.

Checked my average but not noting it…. This act of blogging, sharing your story.. telling readers or followers or PEOPLE, the community what’s occurring.  Relaying reality and reiterating it… thinking about it differently today, this morning from when I woke up and Jack came into my room to inform me he’s not feeling well to taking Henry to his little learnery.

10:41…..  Could have sworn it was later.  Just had another wine & writing idea, finishing up my Colagrossi reaction just now.  Deciding to make a list for tomorrow, but very informal.  The blog business/small business jot, then this.  Only items presently. 

New conversations in sales story.  Day intensifies.