11:39.  Meeting in 6 minutes.  Should be fairly quick as my SE like to move quickly through shit.  Can’t blame him.

Quick power nap, won’t lie, now sipping a Diet Coke and wondering if Jack has baseball practice or not.  My guess is he will, since it’s not really raining at all and I think this “storm” is over.  Last night on the news they were talking about it like it was one of the storms from about a month ago.  Not even close.  Just cold, a little rain, and snow at some lower elevations.

12:10, posted to blog again.  Meeting is going on for I think… till 2, West Coast time?  FUCK.

Write through it, About EVERYTHING.

And…. I find out the fields are closed today, so no practice.  I’m bummed, only ‘cause Jack will be.  He told me this morning that he really likes his new coach, and wants to play today.  Not looking forward to informing him.

Parents coming over for dinner…. In a company-wide meeting.  So, I get a break.  Love when things work out this way.

GRATEFUL… tomorrow, added two things to list, laundry and meditation…. Haven’t really meditated in years.  I think the last time was when I lived in Coffey Park.


Guy talking about tech and marketing it, and the way he does so makes me more interested.  More added to tomorrow’s list.  And more….  Can’t wait, honestly.  Just to be in the condo all day, or most of it, and get EVERYTHING done, satisfied and reached.

Every thought during this meeting put here on Bottledaux…. Lunch, a nap, tomorrow’s run.  5k and if I can more.  Tomorrow I’m “REBORN”, as a runner.

Breakfast sandwich this. Morning with the latte, forgot to log.  So no lunch.  Hungry for contrast, a change.