2:34 Already nearing the time where I have to think about

getting ready to get kids from school.  Need to vacuum the kitchen and a little in the loft, wipe down counters.

I’m not relaxed, but something else.  The same idea but more intense, gentle, nearly confusing but completely understood.  List for tomorrow continues to extend down the front side of a small legal sheet, then to opposite with “The Company (redefine it)”.  And I am, especially after this company meeting/awards ceremony which taught me immeasurably more than I thought it would.  I thought it was going to be some extensive and tremendous eye-roll.  Not because of the company or anyone running the ceremony, but my attitude.

“Your biggest problem is your attitude,” someone told me about 20 years ago.  And only now am I jumping on opportunities and invitations to change.

Still just enjoying this office’s quiet.  Again, a day different.  One shaping this new Mike Madigan.  Me and my life’s work.  Writing, it has to be.  I mean I talk about photog and wine and winemaking and small business… but I’m a writer.  That’s evident and proven over and through everything I do.