Put self somewhere else.  In a small business of my own. 

A coffee shop, not “café”.  I want there to be nothing pretentious about it.  Just inviting and comfortable.  Where everyone goes and feels safe and relaxed, where they can forget about the type of day I’m having this Sunday.

No more addressing it.  The kids are here…. They’re happy and content with everything.  Nothing gets to them.  How do they do that?  They just put themselves in that attitude and way.  They don’t deliberate or measure, or even think.  They just ARE.  It’s like that Tolstoy saying, “If you want to be happy, be.”

Had dé·jà vu just a second ago, but not sure from what.  Reversing everything, and ignoring the negative people, notably one, in the story.  You know… but no more.  Wrapping my thoughts around the coffee shop model and symbol.. small business and what it embodies, what it is, how you build one.  Okay, so… research of course.  And move quick….

I like the two-doors philosophy of Model Bakery in St. Helena.  The south door, either entrance or exit, and the north side primarily entrance.  Line leads to the south door.  Everything displayed…