Circling in my thoughts and stresses.  Can’t help it.  I’m trying.  Retuning to coffee shop image and thoughts.  What North Light in Cotati felt like when I was in college, and the couple years I’d go there after the SSU days.

College… seeming forever ago.  Shit, I’m at that age now where I say things like that…. “That was so long ago it feels like,” or, “That feels like FOREVER ago…” But that’s where I am, what can I do.

Day’s decline started with the kids and their battles coupled with the outlets for the espresso and coffee machine not working.  Did I note that already?  FUCK, today is …. No words.  And tomorrow having to take the kids to their mom’s then drive to the city….  This has to change, and th—


Day at its end.  Totally fuckery, most of it.  Jack and Emma nearly getting into a brawl that Henry tried to get a piece of while shopping in Oliver’s.  Jack’s first baseball practice to which he was late because ……..

Not getting into it.  Dinner figured out…