Turning blog into a place of meditative and positive collection.  I think.. just how I’m feeling this morning, and something I read earlier really got to me.. someone dying young after living a really rough life.  But even in that, she realized that her mind was her place, where she could be free.  Nothing could get in, nothing negative.  It was her place, where she was always removed and safe from the ills of whatever.

My parents always stress, let it roll off your back.. don’t let it ruin your day, let it go.  Sometimes I dismiss them, or maybe not dismiss but react in head with something like “How am I supposed to do that?”

Now I see… easy.

It’s my son Jack’s birthday, thinking of him. This is a day for REAL celebration and perspective and realization.  Funny thing.. heard the garbage truck outside and said “Oh shit!  I forgot…” Went to garage opened door and just as I was rolling the bin out as the door was rising the truck as approaching my unit.

Mechanical arms lifted and shook rubbish and done.  Guy on the passenger side and I exchanged peace signs.

Peace indeed.  All day.