Thinking free.. freely.  Not letting my mind go to one place or another. 

Positive ebbs in my character-edge.  Change attitude and perspective on things, on everything.

Taking a breath, enjoying my coffee and the jazz.  Time for another cup…

The day just started.  Giving up on it, senseless.  Ever.  Even if I were at the end of the day and had been taking a beating in all its hours.  Surrendering isn’t me.  I won’t.  PERIOD.

How short life is, and I’m letting my self get stressed about…


It stops now.  

View from office, just blue.  The sky looking at back at me and wondering why I took so long to see it.  Freeing thoughts, my character and the story I find myself in.  That I brought self to.

Receipts all done and entered.

In college I wrote in a spoken word piece, “Simplicity, over complication – situation of eradication…” Getting rid of the unnecessary, whatever it is.  Many would think it’s on the outside, but maybe not.  Go through your own emotions and thoughts, perceptions and translations.

Only positive thoughts and leanings logged.  It’s a learning curve sometimes, the negative is tempting, but eventually shows its value-lack.