7:08, been home for about an hour.  Quesadilla I made myself cooking in toaster over.  Will be in office at 8.. just checking in, starting to document what I can.  Expense check FINALLY came.  Still though, my mood is a fang-set… another glass should help, or just make me more agitated.  Guess we’ll see.

7:55, down here a little early.  Some emails sent, and listening to Eric Hilton, tired and not in much mood to work.  Full from the quesadilla I made myself… annoyed by some people but I’m in a positive tilt.  I don’t care what others say.. Not going to be one of those always-yay-saying chirps, but I’m forcing self to enjoy my night.  Not let anyone jab at my joy.

Last glass of this Chardonnay then some red maybe…. Two calls to make in the morning. Making coffee here, early.

Water bill.. fuck, paying that in a sec I swear.

More, stressing simplicity to self.  Love of the Now.. one call today echoes that.  Sedaris, Madigan… more me than Sedaris.  Follow his model, kind of, but I’m mine own thought and idea and topic mine.

My kids, this condo, Windsor, LOVE—