Bottledaux, as an idea – new one. 

The five emphases – Blogging, DIY Life Lessons, Happiness… TODAY.  Everything now and in the moment—  Scratch that.  Not in the moment but BEING.  Living and no more simply existing.

Numbers will be thin this coming week.  Already set budget, and will NOT move.  Coffee made in house all week, lunches as well.  Written in MAP, pen and page.

Jack relaxes, Henry watching some show with toys and someone signing them voices.  Emma still at work.  Tempted to go check on her but don’t want to interrupt.  She said it that simply, “I own a hotel, Dad.” She had a plan, where my sister and mom would be the cooks, I would be in sales of some kind, and her grandfather would just show everyone around and fix things.

That simple in her view.  Everything is.  Why can’t I be the same?

I can… more positive sentences and language.. this day, embodying emphatically what I’m pursuing.  The comfort, the peace, love… letters and poems, music.  Grateful.

Retraining cognition, propelling more certainty in HAPPINESS and yay-say.

Blogging all positive thoughts, from the kids to the condo to the second floor loft, my mother.. ALL.