Back in Windsor, at loft, still raining.  Thought for sure it was done after the skies opened up a collective sky mind north on 101 from Santa Rosa to the Central Windsor exit.

“Yaaaay, Dada house!” Henry said.  I smiled and drove straight to get some Starbucks for Jack and I, Emma saying she was good.  Now back home, and one dirty diaper letter, collection.

Week ahead, already know my approach.  Creative and Comedic Kamikaze…. Love this mind, where my thoughts are, how I’m perceiving points of stress.  I’m not.  Again leaning on the idea of a Life Lessons, and ‘DIY happiness’, and blogging and doing it all TODAY.

The blend of five ‘tags’ if you want to call them that coming to me last week turning right on the Embarcadero, on the way to the office.  Still here, still speaking to me, building and new architectures of thinking precipitate and pulse like disturbed cats from one minute and hour to the next.

Told the kids today is “Chores and Chill Day”.  Cill comes first I guess.  No matter, they deserve it and they’re happy… Emma telling me she’s going to her room to do business, owning a hotel …