So happy to be alone tonight.

Quiet, this whole space, this office then the loft above me, all MINE.

All I feel, gratitude.  There is certain turbulences, but they’ll be righted.

Nothing tilted about my plain…

Strong tonight, and tomorrow, and onward.  Unafraid.  And why shouldn’t I be?  Nothing’s been able to stop me or bring me down so dar.

Tired … headed to loft.  Some rest, then SLEEP.  This commute is killing me and annoying me.. not sure which is worse, the annoyance or the other.  In my head, I know.

Just felt self in a rush to get out of the office.. NO.

Couple more notes, then up the stairs…. New reconcile with this new sales story.

Thinking of Ms. Kerri…. Distracted, thinking about everything in the day but then after. What’s next, how do I want to be years later.

Do I have to think about “years later”?

Fucking commuter exhaustion, really fucks with your head.  And the sales like on top of that… need a change.  Stanford… the class I’ll teach on on journaling and happiness, essays and personal essays.

I need some red.  Closing day, night, NOW —