Taking a second to self…

Just stopped at a property. Only been to this part of the city once.

Scribbled in journal earlier…. The espresso here is amazing. I want a small business of my own. Something like this.

Coffee, not sure about wine.

Feeling better, had a mood earlier, when I landed at One Maritime.

My day is happy and will stay that way. That’s how I’m writing it.

Fuck this espresso is amazing. Last bit of caffeine for a while, Jesus…

Why not coffee AND wine. Have the wine projects be solely website-wound. Yes, an idea.

Oh my god it feels amazing to be out of the office. This may be a change in my character, one principle and thesis-supportive.

Young girl to my right behind counter, making coffee beans or grounds or the powder, operating some big machine from a laptop.

I’ll head back to the office in a bit. Thinking – more appointments set, more chances to be OUT. Writing like this. Thinking and all these new ideas, seeing possibilities. I’m not stuck in any one way. EVER.