Home with all three, finishing up in office.  Reading old entry agin, then coming across a selfie I took in the Roth tasting room, five years ago.  Miss the wine industry sometimes…. Telling myself with writing and thought, business, start there and venture out, explore, then come back.

All these testing rooms I’ve touched, where I’ve sold wine and given tours, done some wine education.. all the people I’ve met and friends made.  Much of my sales life comes from a tasting room.

And I see and feel a story… let me take notes, I’ll come back tonight or tomorrow morning at some point.

Snacks for Emma and Henry, Jack relaxing, watching something.  How many people from out of state have I met since starting at Orin Swift, and still in touch with.  Lost track.  That place, brand and not just its founder… wine and love, creative and expansive, changing everything.

Recently thought about giving up on wine, and I mean entirely, business layer-wise.  But I can’t… can’t leave it alone.  One time when working at Roth I journaled or vlogged “I write wine.” That simple, that direct.  My story was set.

It’s setting again, and re-setting.