Documentary telling…

Everything.  Pen, my cheater glasses, another pen, phone… kids upstairs asking if I’m done with work yet.  Tomorrow the whole day to self starting with a latte then cleaning…. I know, I look too much at tomorrow’s and done love enough the Now’s.

Totally understand.  Changing.  Hear Jack and my mom having a discussion upstairs in the kitchen about something, with details and questions, answers.  Jack contuses to tell a story, can’t tell about what.  I think something his cousins did, or went.  Now he asks my mom when Grandpa is coming up from working in the garage on something.  No idea what. One of his projects, doing something I wish I could do but still look to him for.

In the documentary, let the documentary explain.  No exposition or detail whaling. 

One more little money move—  OH, change in the jar, and lid, under desk.. cash pot in safe.  How did I forget about all this?  Too scattered… but that’s part of my documentation.

More than documenting, it’s ACKNOWLEDGING.  Understanding.  Where I am, what I’m doing. Postmodern promise promising more of the immediate.  This will describe and form all of what I see to be 2023.