Last day of the year.  Up early with Henry… left bed at 6:50 something I think.  7:24 now, my little girl still upstairs asleep in her bed.  

Laundry, later.  First thing after kids leave… goddamn laundry.

Might do my traditional lunch with self at Lupe’s… def’ need nap.  May squeeze in a workout… workout planned for tomorrow of course, being Day 1 of this year that is supposed to be the last for a lot of things.. any stress or anxiety, worry.  Any conventional approaches.

Just remembered I woke at 3-something and had the wherewithal to take  a screenshot.  Not sure why, just to do it, capture that I was up at that hour.  Heard rain and did all night.  I think it might even be raining now, still.

Quad shot espresso with cinnamon, brewed in loft’s coffee corner.  Dinner last night with Mom and Dad…. Discussion, one thing, another.  Know, am convinced, 2023 is going to be something radiantly resplendent.  (That just sounds good…)

I stop for a second, daydream… about one thing then another.  The commute, the new sales story, this blog and what I want it to be in ’23….  Photography.  Documenting.  EVERYTHING.