Back from the Green, kickball and a little football, pickle and then some other game with no definition or goal.

5:48, making dinner in a bit.  All day out, to Sonoma and back then some lunch here at the loft, break and let food rest then well over 90 minutes of football, then to the Green.  Resting, collecting, one more load of laundry.

Seeing the tasting room and winery image with redolent grains and specifics.  Changing the story but keeping it entirely the same.  Then I take it in a different direction, from wine but to….

EVERYTHING.  Work and what one does for work.  How one treats another.  Seriously, all pulses, layers, and modes of living.  The chess board and its pieces, suggestive.  Move, slow.

Overthinking.  I catch myself.  Once, twice, baker’s dozen.  Re-situate on the kids.  Happy.  No more thoughts but them.  Our games at the Green.

An idea.. one that stops all of them, and all this goddamn overthinking.  Randomness and whim, thought’s absence but more presence.

No wine tonight, only pages over pages of note are-read, from when my wine story was first said.  2006-2009 at St. Francis and reading whatever book I could on wine, most of which….

Well, honestly, were weak.  But they started something.  Old pictures returning me.