Relaxing Sunday.  4 shots made here in house.  Think I’ve finally quit or significantly cut back on Noto and Starbucks.  Watch though tomorrow morning me head to Brooks Road first thing.

Henry with waffles, Jack and Emma not yet ready for any kind of breakfast.  Me over here in Nook meditative, next steps, new sales story and other.  Writing OFFBLOG last night…

Chessboard chord playing in brain.  With everything.  Simplicity, singularity… oneness.  Holding onto the TR image, small and family business.  Involving kids, see where it goes.

Using this condo as a model or staging or testing ground for what it’d look like.  Minimalist yes, and of course no candles in room but I need more here.

More a project of this condo… starring with the office, first thing you see.  NO VISIBLE PAPERS.  Has to be inviolable.  And the garage, more with that.  Build something, I don’t know.

Ideas constricting me like that footage I saw last night on one of my reels of an anaconda squeezing a van either in the Amazon or somewhere in S. America.

Going on Amazon, like every wife during the early days of the pandemic.  Project, just exploration…. 

Watching Jack play.