Wrote a poem and I know I need to write more, others, capturing everything I’m going through, or seeing not just going through.  Work, the commute, how dark it is in the morning.  The kids…

Being a single dad.  All the story I need, the EVERYTHING, which apparently is hard for some to gather, those just reading and now truly READING.

Meeting alert comes on, me and another rep log on, say to each other “We don’t have a meeting today do we?” No one else came on, so we laugh a bit and log off.  Whew….

Latte finally starting to work.  Leaving in 40 minutes to get my babies.  Seriously can’t wait.  Feels like forever since I’ve seen them.  Their smiles and steps… seriously am incapable of wait.

Time is like a dragon, beast that doesn’t have a concern for me, or any of us, stepping over and through us but somehow is there the next day to do the same thing.  What if I ignore it…?

Notes, more of them.  Poems.  Writings more not so much concise but contained, composed.  My morning, MINE…. zen. Meditation to these remixed Tycho songs.