6:17 back from field trip with to Sonoma Square, all those historic spots. 

Then visiting my Mom and Dad at the kids’ request to see my sister’s dog.  Grocery shopping at Safeway and surprisingly coming in under budget by a few bucks.  And I was surprised ‘cause there was a lot I was missing in this flat.  

Now, they have everything. 

Tempted to write a letter, but need to think.  And I won’t, I know I won’t.  But I’ll still think.  Some people just delight in skirmish and hostility and misery.  And I’m not qualified to cure or even converse with these characters.

These kids, teaching me so much about so much and to be frank more than I can list or inventory.—

Emma and Henry get into it upstairs, I hear.  Henry obviously the aggressor.  Fuck, why can’t he just watch that Paw Patrol shit and…

Had to get in between the littles and I know it’ll erupt again so should probably be typing upstairs in the loft.  Hear it bring and stewing and collecting again, like a fault line… any moment’s the big one.

Looking at shots and clips from day.  I need to use more media, with these posts and just principle capture, since of course I can’t write on days like this with so much travel and movement and here and there of the story with these three mad mini-Madigans.