After a long drive down from traffic and a little tussle with this laptop, it

locking me out for some reason, then the laptop camera not working on a Teams call.  The day is interesting and testing my patience a bit.

Breathing… will have list of 50 prospects done by EOD tomorrow if I don’t get dragged into jury duty.  Called last night and they said I need to call today, after 5.  A-goddamn=gain.

Latte done.  May need some more coffee but not right away.

Still sorting through some technical issues, at a tech company.  Not letting it unnerve me like it did in the first couple minutes.  I can only laugh.

Can’t schedule site visits when I don’t know if I’m going to be here tomorrow or not.  I’ll call the guy and let him know, I guess.

Rain on the way down, but not like last night’s drive back.  Crazy, and a little scary.  Haven’t driven in rain like that at night in probably 2 or 3 years.

Day’s goal…. 1000 words here in office.  Every thought and trial, lesson and attempt, call, EVERYTHING.

Nothing slows me or stops me… only lights another soul-blaze.  No cage in any day…