Conversation with Stanley, my SE.  Weird having someone other than Ditter or William as my SE, but…. Here I am in the new story, he giving me some counsel on certain things and prospecting approaches. 

“You CAN inspire yourself.  And when you do, study… REPEAT.  Be a fan of your voice, Beat, immediate identity and scene.  Enjoy the day, always.” Written in journal.

In a training.  He just said “auto-magically”.  Was that intentional, or…..

11:42 still in training, and I’ll be honest it’s fascinating, the way proposals are composed at this company.  Is that weird, that I find this so magnetic, and artful, creating bloody proposals?  I don’t care.

Readying for lunch, need a walk.  Wonder what it’s like outside.  Imagine cold just like this morning.  Cold in this office, again.  Earlier it was like being in a toaster-oven.