Food not here yet.  Nearly done with glass, will order another.  Not in the mood for pinot or anything red.  Thought about it, but…..

Wine is my beat.  That is growlingly obvious.  So… Sauvignon Blanc.  Why’d I choose it.  I’m familiar wi this producer and vintage, bottle.

Put down phone to not write but then pick it back up to communicate that.  Ironic or postmodern or contradictory, self-cancelling.  Or just fucking beautiful.

Wine telling me to forget people, especially some specifically.  Their negativity and aversion to happiness and fun, how they have trouble communicating anything.  Done…

The music saves

My day and place

She doesn’t decide

What’s translated in guise

The immediate know

Tall towers fomenting falsehood 

Couple tight offers me one of their deviled eggs, last starts tallying to me the her guy.  We get on the wine topic, they’re from St. Helena and Orin Swift come up, i mention it inviting them over tomorrow.  Huh, how that came about.

Think I want a glass of something Rhône.  Where’s the wine list?

Last glass, petite Sirah/Syrah blend from Meeker.  Over this place.  Dad takes his kid outside crying… need quiet, music.  The poz loft office.