Jack with a fever but feeling better.  


Yesterday’s Emergency care visit, shaking me but the later composed and better.  Just what I thought, he has some virus, take tylenol to keep down fever and wait it out.  Rest of the day relaxing in condo, and today more of the same but promised Jack and Emmie we’d go for a drive, the carwash for exterior only.

Next month, my favorite.  NaNoWriMo…. New project for self and tying it to the new sales story…. Posting it all to blog, for review and edits and reads.

Plan is to wake tomorrow at 5:20, when I’d usually wake for the SF drive.  I’ll be able to squeeze in 60-70 minuets of Composition.  Tomorrow’s Halloween but NaNoWriMo project starts tomorrow.  Story is what is – the immediate, the postmodern.  

9:48m espresso and coffee made.  But then Emma tells me she wants Daddy breakfast at Starbucks.

Possible direction for NaNo project… inward jots.  Letters to self.  Not the whole book, just part of it.  Hmmmm……

Slept in, and I feel so alive I’m nearly laughing.  Also laughing at some people and their recent communications, but I’ll get into that with the NaNo month.  Starting new doc now….  This is an exercise in manifesting, making everything the way I need it, and want it, and just the way it should be.