10:26.  Holy shit it’s late.  


Back from Mom and Dad’s, Jack with a little fever.  

99.7.  Chewable kids ibuprofen to bring down fever hopefully.  Me with barely any energy to write but lifted by writing in Dad’s old chair.  Have only sat here a handful of times since he it me gifted.

Won’t lie, excited to sleep in but who knows what tonight has planned with Jack, or early tomorrow morning like this morning, where Jack told me he was shivering and didn’t feel well.

Single dad story, I wouldn’t trade it for any amount of anything.

Watching a weird cartoon with big kids.  Really should get them to bed I realize so I ask them if Mommy lets them stay up on non-school nights where they don’t have anything early the next day like a game or birthday party or whatever.  They tell me she lets them stay up a little later…

But don’t know the time that implies.  I ask them if 11 is reasonable.  They agree.  And I’m intrigued with this weird reel of an animation.  Comic book-esque and like more modern anime. 

They’re so quiet, I should get them to bed.  But they’re so into this, and so am I.