Starbucks Daddy Breakfast it is.  Jack asks for 8 more minutes on his game.  I agree. No plans for day, which is usually the case on Sundays which we all agreed months ago to be our “chill day”.  Thinking of week ahead and week after that.  Changes that will change everything in my sales and writing and EVERYTHING stories.  Must be measured, wake up early, earlier than I did today.  Couldn’t make a Kerri hour happen today but there’s tomorrow…. Lining up aims, categorize, simplify.  Henry interrupting my concentration, all of us leaving soon.  Hungry myself and I often skip breakfast.


Back from pumpkin path, giving little littles a bath, and I am with nearly nothing in tank.  In office writing this note then probably up to Dad’s old chair with journal and noting.  That’s it.  Early bed, wake at Kerri hour.  No try, just doing it ‘cause I have to.  Laptop next to bed, charging now so upstairs no cord, make the most of the time I have with it sans constant energy-give.

As stressed as I get with the kids sometime, I’m  stunned by how thankful I am.  Me, them, there, together – watching them in that pit of kernels, giving me laughs and nerves.  Jackie laughing nearly without a cell of control and Henry just continually throwing handfuls at his sister.