This morning, early breakfast, slow and cranky, all three.


12:47 finally back in house from a bedlam twirl of a morning.  To their mom’s house for equipment then needing to come back to loft for Jack’s mitts, then to field, then back here for sweaters for Emma and Henry.  Then another trip to their mother’s house, now here.  Had a quick lunch telling kids Daddy needs a break to which Emma responded, “You do need a break Daddy, you do everything for us.” Made me smile but the exhaustion continued to grip.  Hoping Henry will join for nap.  Not in a mood to write.  Trying to do everything from memory, for later.  Will wake tomorrow morning at a Kerri-esque hour to write, one piece I absolutely need done by Monday.

Calm now in poz loft, finally.  Think I have dinner figured out.  Maybe.  So tired…. May hit the espresso machine, keep my movement alive.  Just a single shot. Jack playing a game, Henry and Emmie watching their respective kid shows.  Me, typing when I don’t want to…. Fuck it, queue the espresso.  See what happens.  What content I post, or what I do… how I react to kid demands.  Moving slower, better make it now.