Went outside to get mail. It was raining. I thought it might have been the grounds crew from HOA washing something, but no that was rain. Huh…

Wasn’t raining when walking to the boxes, but ground was soaked. Smelled like rain and eucalyptus, humid.

Standstill… Nice actually. Counting down till I leave and get little Henry. Losing his littleness. He’s officially a toddler now, jesus…

Sad, right after that sentence. Why? Is it because he’s getting older or my acknowledgement of ME getting older?

Writing #BLOGEVERYTHINGNOW on a post-it. Not that I’ve forgotten about it, but I’ve been distracted and a bit pulled away. No fault or any demerit, simply an observation. Taking a picture with only my eyes of this desk, the laptops, the post-it’s and journals. EVERYTHING.

Coffee gone, think I’m good for now and a while.

Circling idea tower in head… nothing. Just looking at the desk, what’s on it. Tomorrow if I do take the day to self.. away from the desk. Noto for a latte and only the journal with me… notes and observations in fragment. Humor… in EVERYTHING.

Yesterday put me back on the wine writing Road. Opening SB I bought yesterday, tonight.