Productivity binge.  Had the idea pulling into the garage, see how much ground I can cover.  No goddamn power nap today, no way.  Already scheduled an appointment for Monday.  Conflicts with something else, but I’ll make it work, somehow.

Going to gym later, no fail.  Leaving here at 11:40-ish.  Slow run, one hour.  See what I do.

Posted first wine article I guess you could call it to the #vinovinevinblog.

Slow Friday morning, which isn’t uncommon.

No matter how much they try to slow or drain me, I’m going to keep moving.  Work harder, faster, MORE.  Plan for Saturday, in office creating.  ALL. DAY.

Sunday at Orin Swift, the Luis Martini campus, and it is a campus.  Beyond excited, new wine story.

Another call, 10 minutes.

Went well, should be, or could be, another contract.  Small one, of course.

Still nothing from he prop tech company.  That conversation has gone completely cold.  Like, corpse cold.

Starting to feel a little tired, not sure I’ll make it to the gym.  Already 78 outside… holding off for now.  May delay run till tomorrow.  Shit…



Another Diet Coke, why not.  Sent proposal to upper-management crew for some pricing and the day goes corpse-quiet again.  Plane overhead, had lunch, could go for a drive, but….. filled car this morning and need to make it last.

Feel unmotivated and wandering.  What should I do now…?  Planning tomorrow, after Jack’s game when I have time to myself.  Clean the house a little, take myself out to lunch maybe, RUN, then just relax.  The plan most often is the absence of one, right?  So I’m good.

Sip the Diet Coke again, look out the window, thinking about running.  Other countries, states here.  Should go for a walk, that’ll help won’t it?  Hope.