My attitude this morning, simple.  Singular.  Happy yes but composed. 

I’m seeing something new in this new Mike Madigan.  The Composition continues to edit itself to my benefit.

Should I get a cat?  Of course I won’t, just thinking what if I did.  What would I hope to gain?  Would that invite more happiness?  Who knows… whenever I think of cats I think of growing up with my aunt and uncle and staying with them for a week at a time in Sisters, Oregon.  They had 3 cats, Callie and Spunky and Winston.  Callie was my favorite and the one I called mine, Spunky was my sister’s, and Winston was an isolationist dick.  No, not getting a cat, just thinking about cats after seeing Jenny Lawson posting about her and it distracting her from work.

Oh shit it’s 10:15.  Call with Sale Engineer TJ and the Rohnert Park prospect in 45 minutes…. May take a power nap after the call.  Why not.