Call at 11 with prospect I called yesterday.  Not a big enough deal to make a significant dent in quota, but I don’t care.  No walk to café this morning, and won’t be going anywhere at any point today since it’s supposed to break 100.  104 degrees in afternoon, and already 74 according phone.

Dinner last night, reminding me of Paris.. eating outside, near a street, no rush to anything.  Brought some books downstairs to the new bookshelf, Hemingway reminding me I need to go to Paris, and other places.  Finally travel now that I can.

Nothing to report, I feel like.  Make something up, or do someth—  Go check the mail, see what 74 degrees at 8:30 feels like.

Back, and yes… hot.  Nothing of note in the mail, or nothing interesting, or exciting.  Like money.  I mean, of course.  What else would someone hope to find waiting for them in the mail.

Quiet… the whole day in front of me.  You know what, I AM going to make a list of targets… things I absolutely HAVE to do.  I’m changing the story, TODAY.  And forever.

List made, thinking about the Mike Madigan that’ll be…