All of us in my office.  Peace… breakfast done, heading to beach at noon.  The kids enjoying their stay they keep telling me, and not arguing as much as before.  While they relax, I can collect, do a little writing and gathering… planning tomorrow and writing what groceries I need and other aims like cancelling the wine club in Petaluma that I joined in the moment with Chris.  Think I have one pickup, which is nice.  Some wines to play with tomorrow night…

Making myself cook tomorrow night, and if not cook then put together some dish from Oliver’s deli/meat department which is more than likely going to be the case.  Distracted for a second by the other blogs, and this blog and business.  If it’s a business.  Not yet, but maybe soon.. or maybe it’s just me and these journal entries that are the business… the brand and intention.

My stress yesterday.  Was it them being here, or work, or having work while they were here.  Latter two obviously.  Day off today and I’m in more of a zen send.

ONE BLOG… keeping domains for #professormikey and #vinovinevin.  Simplify… have everything be EVERYTHING.  Holding off on the AE Designed idea.  Stay in writing… focus on the kids, this single dad story and a pervasive comedic consideration of it.  Most me, and how ridiculous I am that I get stressed.  I know tomorrow I’ll miss them, and be bummed and tear up like I do when I think of Emma’s little smile or Jack saying something sweet like first thing this morning, “Good morning Dad!” Not just innocent and sweet, but kind.  Genuine.  No agenda.

Henry wants to sit on the sofa chair with the big kids, I ask Jack if there’s room and he just lifts his little brother on there between him and Emma.  Always there for his brother, Jack.  Watching for him, caring, helping. Not all the time of course, sometimes Jack teasing Henry or rough-playing with him and of course I ask that he stop.

Getting my business closer to the office, one away from this condo… building tomorrow.  MY persistence develops new growl and rile.  Watch the kids more, all they want to do is play – Yesterday Emma toward the end of Jack’s practice just wanting to play on the monkey bars and swing around like the name’s sake, telling me “I’m an expert now at the monkey bars, Dada..”

Want to produce crazily tomorrow with everything, get us closer to the state I want for the kids…. A place to work one day if their job is miserable.  Have had that vision and scene playing in my head for years – one of them coming to me saying how shitty their job is and how their manager is a jerk. I then say swiftly, “Then quit and come work with me.” The scene plays again and again, truly everyday.

Another espresso.  Not really needed since I slept well, but I’m in the office, and with my team, so….