Kids.  Attitude.  Play.  Newness…. Ideas collecting.  The journal, the idea of one… the truths contained and maybe some that are conveniently reshaped.  Here with my kids and trying to capture everything but know I can’t.

Message that ex but knows when I’ll get a response.  More of the same game.  Bored of it honestly.

How much money in wallet… $92.  Most probably spending on dinner tonight for kids.  Promised they could use their “Daddy Ticket” tonight, which is a pseudo-system in place for eating out.  One such ticket for all three meals.  None used so far this visit.

10:29, leaving for beach in about 90 minutes.  Should get their sandwiches and snacks packed and done now, why not.  The single dad story speaking more to me… shoving me closer to all things I want business and happiness and EVERYTHING.  They are the Everything in ‘About EVERYTHING’.

Henry says brightly and soft, “Wooooooow…” at the current CoComelon song.  I smile at this zen this morning.  Because I chose it.  I manifested it, as Kerri would say.  I’ll manifest something in the AE story, and with my little wine label – getting from here to there, my little property and tasting room.  Taking some of the $92 and devoting to wine stash.. $10.  That’d buy maybe a handful of corks.

Life story… getting to my barrels, working with my kids, maybe one day traveling with them, selling wine and telling our story.

Sip espresso, this becomes realer than real.  The wines, the little room, vineyard…. Make this AE story explode, tech and blogging projects, then sell…. I’ll be there, on my/our vineyard.  Cabernet, Chardonnay, maybe Syrah.

Wine is the aim.. the bullseye.  Have to pick up some wine tomorrow, already on list.  In Petaluma.  That magnum Lexi gave me the other night down here, on the shoe rack.  Should put it behind here before or one of the big kids accidentally knock it over.  Henry just threw one of Jack’s shoes… okay, now then.  What if he did that and knocked over that 1.5 of Napa Cab.  Oh god…