…Feeling a second ago that writing isn’t enough.  I need something more than what’s present.  Or not… actually not, that goes against all my ideas and thoughts on utilizing what’s normally dismissed and the whole ‘magic of the meta’ thesis.

Overthought isn’t the word, but rather USELESS thought.  Every time I go into Noto and get a latte I think of small business and how I see myself having one.  Not sure I want a wine shop anymore.. so then what.  No idea.  I’m 43 and have no idea.

So much to do on Saturday after the kids leave.. clean the house, AGAIN.  Get a car wash, treat myself to lunch at Kin – salad and some Sauv Blanc.  Day to self… cook self dinner, enjoy quiet.

No longer with the level of stress like earlier… I’ve just accepted the day, and other things.  Back a certain drawing board… what to do next, how to move.  With wine, writing, this blog… running, being a dad, this new battle with my own thoughts.  My aims decide more intensity about themselves and communicate instructions to me while on this couch with my two youngest.