this morning…

Time on lap reading 11:33 and was like “What the fuck?”  8:33, of course.  This time contrast is a gift in itself….  How do I get out here again, and sooner that 20-however many years since my last visit.  The blog, books, different approaches like Mark and I talked about yesterday at the bar.  He, the COO, the lead trainer for Sonic, me and a couple other people just smiling and LIVING.  Drinks and some small bites, notably the poke bowl.  Hope I’m spelling that right.  Actually I don’t hope, I just wrote it how it appeared in head.

Happiness composition and recipe if you would, or BLEND, much clearer since getting here.  Actually from the airport and those mimosas with Keoni and his girlfriend Georgia.  So what is it… translating stress differently, if it’s at all present which of course here it is NOT.  No planning, the absence of plan is the lovingly vocal itinerary.  There’s more, I just want to see if it stays in brain, then I’ll give it lines.  OR not.  Again, no plan.

The parrot, quiet.  Two ladies walk up to him, see if he screams.  They walk away, no confrontation.  Then he looks at me and screams.  He’s trying to tell me something.  BE LOUDER, more wild in this writing life.. no plans no outlines and even punctuation obey and conform when you feel like it.  So in my wild ride, today at the pool swimming or dipping and sipping whatever.  I don’t drink hard alc or mixed drinks as you I think know, but maybe today I’ll try something different.  That’s what this is about, this Happiness composition – NEWNESS.